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No time to waste. A few days ago we present you a new and infectious single, “Kryptorocker”, well; Rusty Warriors are quick to be back to face one of the biggest challenges in their dynamic career.

Our  first remix for the worldwide famous Steve Aoki’s imprint: Dim Mak. It is an electrifying and explosive remix of the song “Dufus”, original by the Belgian GTRONIC. The remix is included in the “Morpheus & Dufus EP”, out now!


Belgian heavy-weight titan GTRONIC, drops his sixth EP on the infamous Dim Mak Records. His first release of 2013 comes with two brand new originals and a free bonus track. It’s all about crunchy sounds and pulsating baselines.

‘Morpheus’, the god of dreams. This musical demon brings you into a whole new dimension. A perfect balance between uplifting melodies and raw baselines makes this track a perfect dancefloor killer. Let your unconscious mind speak, and prepare yourself for total destruction.

If this bass heavy track didn’t wake you up, it’s time to meet ‘Dufus’. Dufus is a more techno-influenced tune. Huge pounding drumkicks accompanied with dirty subbasses make it irresistible to stand still.

A free downloadable bonus track is included to GTRONIC’s new ep. ‘Moticon’ is an experimental piece of art where emotions collide with rough baselines. This track relates to GTRONIC’s starting era. The start of recognition of his unmistakeable and irrepressible sound.

Tracklist :
1 Morpheus
2 Dufus
3 Moticon
4 Morpheus (Moonbootica Remix)
5 Morpheus (Dirty Disco Youth Remix)
6 Morpheus (The Sneekers Remix)
7 Dufus (Ostblockschlampen Remix)
8 Dufus (Rusty Warriors Remix)

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