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Gallery: Rusty Warriors @ Irregular On Tour (Razzmatazz-Lolita / BCN)

Irregular @ Razmatazz RUSTY WARRIORS 1Irregular @ Razmatazz RUSTY WARRIORS 4Irregular @ Razmatazz RUSTY WARRIORS 2Irregular @ Razmatazz NeonIrregular @ Razmatazz RUSTY WARRIORSIrregular @ Razmatazz people 0Irregular @ Razmatazz people 1

Rusty Warriors will be performing diverse dates of “Irregular On Tour”


1. Slap
2. Baby Bad Trip
3. Let’s Be Serious

Info text:
The duo Rusty Warriors is back! The 1st and brand new EP -with nothing less than 3 original cuts- after their successful gigs in SOS 4.8 Festival, and performed wild sets in the Siglo21/Radio3-RNE stage at Sónar 2012 and alongside Skrillex (Black Lotus / Qoqoa). Believe me, that-was-crazy!

The music here… The sounds on this occasion are marked by the electro-punk attitude, the fuzzy basses and the frenetic malleability of ‘Slap’ and ‘Baby Bad Trip’, and finally the desperate synth-pop of ‘Let’s Be Serious’. High voltage vs gloomy voices. All in the same pack and for the very first time

Warning: You can always try listen carefully and quietly this music, but can be terribly beaten and forced to dance. Warned!