Rusty Warriors “Remixes: Round 1” (irregular012)

Summertime? Daily sleeper? Storming music and wobbly new cuts here to shake up your lack of activity. Round One of remixes for the duo RUSTY WARRIORS. “Slap”, “Baby Bad Trip” and “Let’s Get Serious” the singles chosen.

Tracklist is composed by:
1. “Slap” (Nightcrawler Remix)
“stylistically serious, dark, stompy, electric, breezy-techno and new wave…”

2. “Baby Bad Trip” (La Musique D´Ordinateur Remix)
“future rock, luscious, Romantic and Baroque, and finally, absolutely insane!”

3. “Let’s Be Serious” (Buffetlibre Remix)
robotic, crunchy, popanimal, percussive, party time!”

4. Bonus track “Let’s Be Serious” (Caligula 2000 Remix)
“oldies tech-pop, maybe 80’s, dirty, pure analogic, a gift”

Warning: You can always try listen carefully and quietly this music, but can be terribly beaten and forced to dance. Warned!


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