Grotèsque, Beatmashers & Rusty Warriors

New podcast on Beatmashers by Grotèsque. Rusty Warriors with “Rusty Warriors” (Original in the playlist)

01- Intro Grotèsque
02- Nero – Doomsday
03- Digitalism – Syndicate
04- Le Galaxie – Midnight Midnight
05- Calvin Harris – Feel So Close
06- Rex the Dog, Kris Menace – Pow (Rave Mix)
07- Rusty Warriors – Rusty Warriors (Original)
08- Blackstrobe – Italian Fireflies
09- Cassius – I Love You So (KRUSHA Remix)
10- You Killing Me – Hey! (The Mastertrons Remix)
11- Skrillex – Kill ‘N Roll (Grotèsque Dj’s Overlap)
12- Wolfgang Gartner & Skrillex – The Devils Den
13- Kaskade ft. Rebecca & Fiona – Turn It Down (Le Castle Vania Remix)



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