We’ve got the news! Irregular label is again in luck. The new ‘Remixes’ CD and digital album of The Suicide Of Western Culture is released out…

The new ‘Remixes’ album will rock the scene. The cream of the Spanish indie and electronic music scene did not hesitate for a second to join this project. Attention please, because artists as Griffi (feat. Amqui), Guillamino, Lasers, Los Pilotos (Ex- Los Planetas), Triángulo de Amor Bizarro, Ferenc, Brunetto, Strange2 & Nev.era … And of course us, Rusty Warriors!

Passion, beats, nasty pop, synthetic paradises, electro guerrilla, ‘indiependance’ and all that you need to fight for party right is here compilated.
“The family united will never be defeated. It’s show time!”

[You can find and buy the album on BEATPORT, iTunes, Spotify, etc.]


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