Rusty Warriors
can be considered the first truly option created in Spain developing such a sound that is now submitting the world wide. They could be born on the outskirts of Liverpool or in a suburb in Neuköln, but not, they actually did in Cuenca and Barcelona. Just as Christopher Columbus did in his days sponsored by the Spanish Catholic Monarchs, these two rebels of electronic music are ready to conquer the international market. People need them!

The band is formed by experienced artists. But with a very liberal and apprentice attitude. A genuine free spirit of youngsters. The Rusty Warriors sound can also contain certain common connotations in their tracks: Illustrated bastardism, behave loutishy, sensitivity and effectiveness in a right way.

The channels to reach all places will be pretty different from the usual. Street happenings, music dosed by EPs (watch out for the remixes!), shocking videos with famous actors cameos, etc.

One more thing. RW wants to replicate its aesthetic power also through fashion. Known clothing brands as Vialis will involved in the project

The experience playing live can be synonym for fun, jumping, screaming, beer, stomp, yell, scream, scream, jumps and more jumps, beer, and finally … more beer.

Future is now! It’s time to enjoy, play and spread the noise.


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